Trained facilitators

All our inhouse and guest facilitators go through a vigorous vetting and training system before leading sessions.

Specialized Attention

CampBuni boasts a unique 1:5 facilitator to student ratio that facilitates optimum experiental learning for the participants.

Library & Leaders

At the core, our activities and disciplines build on existing school curricula, aiming to enable global citizens.

Awarded and recognized

CampBuni's work has been recognized globally and nationally. Our work has been awarded by Resolution Project and recognized by various media houses in Kenya.

The CampBuni story

During his high school years, Leroy forewent his summer programme overseas to make one here in Kenya. Driven by a need to make a uniquely Kenyan learning environment for people like him.

Leroy brought together, against conventional advice, some of his classmates and took a leap of faith to have their first CampBuni session. Leroy crowdfunded for their first ever session in 2017.

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What We Offer

We have a unique focus on creative design thinking for youth 18-23 yrs. Our offerings are inclusive of specially facilitated creative problem solving sessions and works with select partners.

Certified content

Our facilitation content is constantly vetted internally and externally by relevant stakeholders.

Not Your Regular Class

CampBuni prides itself in achieving the best deliverables with unconventional class set-up and learning. We are always re-inventing our approaches.

Beyond Credible Delivery

All our CampBuni sessions are overseen by our founder, Leroy Mwasaru. Leroy is an experienced design thinking facilitator. Leroy is a Forbes 30 under 30 honoree, [the youngest in 2018] and has won various awards and recognition for his work with design thinking.

Carefully curated

Our sessions take substantial amounts of quality time to prepare and are a filled with bouts of unending intellectual curiosity, both for students and facilitators.

Creative infused Lessons

Our sessions are centered on creativity. Whether it's creatively learning, solving or disagreeing.

Today's problem lovers, tomorrow's problem solvers

We enable our participants to question existing systems, not just for the famous contrarian tag but for the problem solver tag. You can't claim to love math yet dread math problems, can you?

Some of Our Sessions

Driven with a passion to drive creative problem solving, we employ appropiately accredited human centered design thinking courses for each of our programmes. Apart from our camps, CampBuni facilitates consulting assignments with and for select partners, foundations, corporates and clients.

Date: 13-17th August 2019

Guest facilitators include Mr. David Muriithi (alias DJ-D-Lite), Dr. Nthabiseng and Mr. David Mathenge (alias Nameless).

Partners: iHub, Facebook Africa

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CampBuni 1.1

Date: June 2018

In partnership with Co-operative Bank, we held a series of sessions for Co-operative Bank Foundation scholars. Sessions entailed select leadership skills and problem solving sessions.

CampBuni 2.0

Date: August 2018

Hosted by iHub, we held our third camp with 32 particpants. The camp was themed "innovate4environment", a theme sponsored by WWF Kenya in partnership with Blaze by Safaricom and Makey Makey.

CampBuni 2.1 [Partner Camp]

Date: Dec 2018

In partnership with Camp Yetu, CampBuni hosted a series of leadership and creative problem solving sessions in Naivasha.

Years of Insight

With just four sessions, we boast a progressive building culture, of vigorous improvement both for our stakeholders and our in-house team.

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What Our Stakeholders Say

We have a particularly strong focus on our stakeholders' experiences with us, not limited to our alumni, guardians and partners.